Organising a wedding can be a wonderful experience! Careful planning for the big day is time consuming, but also a necessity – to ensure everything runs seamlessly. If your venue doesn’t provide furniture or if you prefer to seek out your own, hiring what you need is a convenient and cost-effective way to create the perfect look. Consider these tips to ensure your wedding is a showstopping success!

Theme and Budget

It’s important to let your furniture hire company know what style of wedding you have in mind and that you have a certain budget. That way, they can recommend the most suitable pieces and you will be amazed at how they can help you create an upmarket look, in the style that you want, and keep within your budget. Asking an expert, who deals with this sort of thing all the time, is the way to go.

What to Hire

Another important factor in deciding on what you need to hire is whether you are planning a seated or cocktail-style wedding reception. This depends a lot on how many guests you will have and the space available at your venue. Try and choose a venue that reflects the style of your wedding. For example, if you’re holding it inside a barn, hire large wooden banquet tables and chairs that suit a more rustic style, such as the beautiful and timeless Bentwood chair. Props and decorator items are another way to bring your theme to life. Your furniture hire company will usually have a selection of items that will complement your choice of tables and chairs.

When to Book Your Furniture Hire

Many couples plan their weddings 6 – 12 months (sometimes years) in advance. Booking as early as you possibly can is the best way to ensure the chairs, tables and decorator items you need are available for your wedding date. Your furniture hire company will be used to taking bookings that are many months away, so get in touch as soon as you know your venue and approximate number of guests. Remember to also update your furniture hire company along the way, should there be any significant change to your guest numbers. Many hire companies have a policy that prevents these changes closer to the date, so be sure to check their Terms and Conditions when first placing your order.

Liaise With Your Venue

It’s crucial to confirm early on whether your venue is supplying all, some, or none of the furniture you require for your wedding. If you would prefer to hire your own, check with the the venue first, to ensure this is ok, as they will need to pack their furniture away in order to make room for yours. Most furniture hire companies will have visited many of the popular venues around Perth and will therefore be able to advise you on which furniture styles will best suit each venue. And remember: communication is the key when it comes to ensuring everything goes off without a hitch, so always keep your venue and furniture hire company in the loop should anything change.

Never Underestimate the Importance of a Chair (or Table)!

Believe it or not, the tables and chairs you choose for your wedding day will play a significant part, as they provide the foundation for the overall tone of the event. Whether it’s a formal or casual affair, indoors or outdoors, vintage or contemporary, it’s important that the furniture you hire suits what you have in mind. Most importantly, you will want to ensure the furniture you hire arrives in excellent condition and looks as though it was bought especially for you and your special day!

At Over The Moon Events, not only will your furniture arrive in pristine condition, it will be delivered on time and set up for you, so you can just relax and focus on enjoying the day you have planned and dreamed of for so long. As soon as you contact Jason (on 0402 346 115), you will know you are in safe hands as nothing is too much trouble and his thoughtfulness and communication is beyond compare!