The chair that’s barely there!

Brides and event planners across the globe are discovering the attributes and versatility of the amazing ghost chair!  This crystal clear, eye-catching and super-sturdy chair has become increasingly popular since it’s comparatively recent release onto the event furniture market.

Manufactured from a solid, clear resin, ghost chairs are available in a variety of styles, the most popular being the Louis, Tiffany (or Chiavari) and, my personal favourite, the stunning new Phoenix ghost chair!

It’s the combination of old-world design and modern materials that make the Phoenix ghost chair such a breathtaking addition to many wedding and event styles!  Watch your guests’ jaws drop as they walk into the room to behold.. the chair that’s barely there!

Phoenix ghost chairs have a magical way of reflecting the light and opening up a room – which also makes them perfect for smaller or closed-in spaces.  And you don’t have to sacrifice form over function either, as the elegantly-designed Phoenix ghost chair also comes with a comfortable cushion.

Wedding Day at the Ritz Hotel, Perth

Let your imagination run wild!  Be brave and place Phoenix ghost chairs where you wouldn’t expect to see them.  For example:

  • Combine them with solid, wooden trestle tables
  • Position them around tables with colourful florals or table linen and watch your colours pop
  • Use shiny satin for your tablecloths and watch the light bounce from the chairs to the tables and around the room
  • Use them outdoors and see how they make the natural world sing!

 Image courtesy of Pinterest

Aptly named after the mythical Phoenix, a beautiful bird that rises from the ashes and lives on forever, the Phoenix ghost chair has a timeless style which brings beauty and glamour to both traditional and modern event styles – resulting in special occasions that will never be forgotten.

Phoenix ghost chairs are also a brilliant addition to themed events, for example:

  • A spooky, Halloween party:
  • A sparkly, snowy Christmas ‘do’: or
  • A glamourous girls’ birthday celebration!

Phoenix ghost chairs may look as though they are made of ice, so pretty and fragile, but these stunning, transparent chairs are surprisingly sturdy and have been built to withstand up to 250kg!

So if you’re planning a wedding or special event and are looking for an eye-catching chair that will create a glamorous, light and airy feel to your space and you really want to wow your guests, then the choice, my friends, is absolutely clear!

 Image courtesy of Pinterest